Medal of Honor follows COD4's lead?

Modern day instalment for EA's WWII shooter series in the works, says report

EA's Medal of Honor series is about to do a Call of Duty 4 and move into a modern day war setting.

That's according to a report on French site Jeux Video, which claims to have discovered the first info on Medal of Honor: Operation Anaconda in an EA questionnaire.

Operation Anaconda will be set in Afghanistan in 2002, says Jeux Video, where the real-life mission of the same name took place. At least it's not World War II.

The operation was apparently one of the "greatest disasters of modern history," ending with crashed helicopter and crew stranded in the Taliban-filled Afghan mountains.

According to the report, Operation Anaconda will put you in the role of multiple soldiers, including those involved in mortar and drone attacks, as well as snipers on the front line.

The report also promises "60 customisable weapons" for Anaconda, which sounds like an awful lot to us.

It all sounds believable enough, but unfortunately EA's UK office isn't answering the phone to give us it's "no comment" on the news. We'll let you know when or if it goes official.