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New Argonauts shots, soundtrack details

300 composer doing music for Codies' Greek epic

Codemasters has lobbed out five new shots of Rise of the Argonauts, its ancient Greek bruiser for PS3 and 360.

The UK outfit has also named the game's composer, Tyler Bates, who did the scores for Hollywood flicks Halloween, Dawn of the Dead and 300. The last one should be particularly exciting for sound heads.

The game is a 'creative retelling' of the Ancient Greek myth starring you as a rookie King Jason.

Developer Liquid promises a decent combat system that isn't all about fancy camera angles and QTE sequences (didn't hurt God of War). This preview will tell you a bit more.


"The mythical nature of Rise of the Argonauts encouraged me to go beyond TV and movies and compose the score for my first video game," said Bates.

"Rise of the Argonauts is an epic game with some of the biggest Greek heroes like Jason, Hercules and Achilles, which inspired me to compose dramatic, sweeping music to create the proper setting for this exciting adventure."