Enhanced PS3 Alone in the Dark at Leipzig

Atari's showcase revealed

August 21-24 sees the Games Convention 2008 kick into life and here's the cards Atari will playing at the show.

Attendees will be treated to the likes of What's Cooking? with Jamie Oliver on DS and My Horse and Me 2 for Wii and DS (quiet at the back). The Witcher Enhanced Edition will also be there alongside an "enhanced Alone in the Dark for PlayStation 3".

Fixing the bugs of the already-released versions doesn't count as being enhanced but Atari goes one further to say "a number of gameplay enhancements" will make "the journey more unmissable than ever".

Other games on show include Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 3 (PS2), Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm (PS3), Legendary (PC), GTR Evolution (PC) and Race Pro (Xbox 360). Look out for screens and info live from the show starting August 21.