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Red Alert 3 includes beta for 'future C&C game'

And a 'Women of Red Alert' feature!

EA has detailed the 'Premier Edition' package for Red Alert 3, which apart from the obligatory tin comes with an "Exclusive Beta Key to a future C&C game."

The only announced franchise entry on the horizon is FPS cross-over Tiberium, but that's not due out for a while yet - possibly too long to warrant a beta test this year.

The speculation has already kicked off then that this "future C&C game" could in fact be Command & Conquer 4, or perhaps a new entry in the Generals series.

The Red Alert 3 Premier Edition pack also includes five exclusive multiplayer maps, soundtrack and bonus DVD with a 'Women of Red Alert 3' montage video. Gemma Atkinson is bound to feature.

Interestingly, both the standard and PE packs also include a "Red Alert 3-exclusive item" for Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. We're hoping it's some sort of mini tesla-coil.