'GTA taught us about Molotov cocktails', say arsonists

Teens who firebombed cars say they learned "how to do it" from GTA

Update your lists; GTA has been blamed for a series of car bombings with Molotov cocktails in Atlanta, USA.

According to police, three teens were arrested and charged with 57 felony counts (that's at least four stars) in connection with the fire bombing of six cars last month.

Officials said the teens -- ages 15 and 16 -- told authorities they learned "how to do it" from playing Grand Theft Auto. The sad thing is, the mainstream press will probably believe them.

The teens are suspected of constructing the Molotovs using Sprite bottles, red rags and lighter fluid; ingredients you'd know all about if you've played GTA IV (cough, cough).

The charges against the teens include arson, criminal damage to property and possession of explosive devices.

Last week GTA IV was blamed for the murder of a taxi driver in Thailand, after the teenage attacker confessed "he wanted to find out if it was as easy in real life to rob a taxi as it was in the game."