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Max Payne 3: more hints?

Movie actress laughs off 'Max Payne 3' questions

More hints that a third Max Payne game from Rockstar is in the works have been dropped, if comments made (or not made) by Max Payne movie actress Mila Kunis are anything to go by.

Speaking to G4TV at Comic Con earlier this week, Kunis skilfully dodged the question when asked if she was providing voice work for the unannounced Max Payne 3. "Yeah. Max Payne 9, 7... I don't know," she said.

When pushed again on if she was supplying her voice for a game Kunis, who plays Mona Sax from the game, replied, "sure," and shrugged it off.

Max Payne the film, starring Mark Wahlberg as Payne, is out on October 2008. Rockstar is widely assumed to be working on another game, so don't be surprised if (or when) the press release rolls out.