APB beta looms

Try your luck via Facebook

Chris 'Ulric' Dye, community relations man for Real Time, has given an update on the status of the game, saying a beta isn't far off.

"As for APB itself, well things have moved on quite a lot over the past weeks, and testing has advanced to a very exciting stage internally, as such, we are preparing the initial steps towards beta, and are ready to open up our 'Register your interest' sign up page.

"This will enable you to get your email added in anticipation of the upcoming beta activities, and will ensure you keep up to date with all the news from Realtime Worlds regarding APB and future projects.

"However, as the 'Register your interest' is part of our growing community activities, we would like you guys be involved, and so to tap into your enthusiasm for APB and network of friends we have decided that the 'Register your interest' page will go live only after we reach 500 members on our APB Facebook page, so head on over to and join the APB group, we are confident with the current interest behind APB this target will be quickly and easily achieved by you folks, so go out, tell your friends and spread the word about APB."

What are you waiting for? An invite?