New motion-sensing tech in PS2 games

One-to-one motion tracking sword game coming for Christmas

SCEE has revealed two new PS2 games that will take advantage of new motion-tracking technology developed for the EyeToy.

Current EyeToy games can only detect basic movement in any area of the screen, but devs at SCEE London have developed new tech that allows the EyeToy to accurately track specific colours with one-to-one accuracy.

This tech will be utilised in a new first-person sword fighting game called Hero, which will come packed with a green foam sword that can be accurately tracked by the game.

Players slash the sword to perform blocking and attacking moves in the game, taking on enemies in what Sony says is a fully-fledged story-driven adventure, with a mini-game structure.

You earn new powers in the game, one of which is the ability to light up dark passages with a fiery sword (quiet at the back). An interesting stealth mechanic sees players hiding the glowing sword behind their back to mask its light as enemies pass by.

The other title, Pom Pom Party, is a cheerleading affair using similar tech presumably to track your dancing motions. One for your sister, then.

Both games are pencilled in for a late 2008 release.

[Source: darkzero]