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New BiA: Hell's Highway video, screens

Gearbox man Randy Pitchford talks teamwork

Gearbox and Ubisoft have released a new batch of Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway screens, along with a video that babbles on about teamwork.

According to Gearbox supremo Randy Pitchford, the developer has invested a lot into the AI powers of the long coming WWII shooter, promising that you'll be able to rely heavily on the decisions of your computer squaddies and it all feels "natural".

"It's become amazingly natural, but super sophisticated over the years," he said in a Ubisoft article. "The more sophisticated the AI gets, the more simple and natural (human) it appears in the game.


"In Hell's Highway, the story sometimes separates Sgt. Baker from his squad. This is true for about 15% or so of the game/ It's great for variety - really changes the feeling and the game play. It's also great for the story telling for reasons I don't want to spoil.

"Another interesting side effect," he added, "is that it reminds you how much better it is to play a first person action game with a squad that you have control over - it really makes us feel how shallow a lot of our shooting gallery experiences are with traditional first person shooters."

Hell's Highway is out (fingers crossed) on September 26. Screens are below, and don't forget the video to the right.