First Batman shots impress

Eidos' Arkham Asylum stuns in first screens

The first screenshots of Eidos and Rocksteady's Batman game have appeared on the internet - and they look fantastic.

Batman: Arkham Asylum - which has nothing to do with the Bale films - is a dark and gritty action-come-stealth game based on the DC Comic books.

Combat focuses on both stealth and speed with the use of only three buttons; attack, throw and stun. There are also plenty of boss battles in the game, which apparently requires you to use various gadgets to keep Batman on top.

"Batman: Arkham Asylum offers players the chance to battle Gotham's worst villains with Batman's physical and psychological strength in a graphically distinct and story-driven game," said Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment boss Martin Tremblay.


"We look forward to working with Eidos on expanding DC Comics' world-renowned character Batman in the game space with a noticeably different feature set in an incredibly dark interactive environment," he added.

Thanks NeoGAF.