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EA gearing up for C&C: Generals 2?

Domain registered, hints being dropped...

Speculation has kicked off that the next game in EA's RTS series, a sequel to Command & Conquer: Generals, is in development after it emerged that EA registered the internet domain '' earlier in the year.

The news follows the promise of a beta key for an "future C&C game" shipping with Premier Edition copies of Red Alert 3.

The original Generals was the first new "series" in the C&C universe since Red Alert, and pitted three sides; China, USA and the Arab-like GLA against each other on a near-future battlefield.

It was also the first C&C game to enter the world of 3D, and introduced plenty of series-shaking design changes like builder units and the introduction of proper air combat. We liked it a lot, but plenty of RTS fans consider it the 'black sheep' of the C&C series.

We've left a message with EA for comment, but don't expect much back. Maybe Leipzig will throw us a bone?