Pro Evo 09 to get Trophies!

Konami confirms Pro Evo 09 will have Trophy support!

After days of playing Pro Evo 09 the rep from Konami popped in and mentioned in passing that this year's game will feature Trophies... great news!

The big news is that Pro Evo 09 will be Konami's first game to support Trophies. (The rep from Konami said MGS4 was highly unlikely to ever get Trophy support but in the same breath added Pro Evo 09 will, for definite.)

Given that most games due for release October will carry Sony's shinnies, we're sure Pro Evo 09 will feature Trophies as the Konami man testified.

This led me to wonder just what might be on offer to gain a Trophy: hat trick, make the first team in Be A Legend, win a game without using the cheap goal (this year it's the corner kick or chipped through pass). What do you want from Pro Evo 09's Trophy support? Will Trophies tip the balance to you returning to Pro Evo this year and ditching FIFA? Let me know.