GTA IV PC: First impressions

Eyes-on: New features revealed for the PC port

It seemed a little weird to be standing in such a huge queue to see a game 98.9 percent of the population has played already. But this isn't just any game. This is GTA IV, and it was the first time anyone outside of Rockstar had seen it running on PC.

Before firing up the game itself, Rockstar kicked off the presentation by telling us what's new with the PC version, with a new replay system being the biggest of all.

The game is constantly recording the 30 most recent seconds of play. At any time you can stop the game, bring up the replay and watch your crazy antics again. But that's not all.

Just like in Halo 3, you are able to edit your replays, changing camera angles to capture the action from the perfect view, save your creation, and even splice together multiple edited clips to create your own mental GTA IV movies.

Rockstar says the multiplayer mode will also see new features expanding on the console package, although it held back on any specific details. Cock tease.

It also promised that an improved and enhanced filter system will be in place for finding servers, so locating a server playing the mode you want will be a lot easier.

Focusing more on the technical side of things, Rockstar goes on to say that the PC version is polished "well beyond what it was on PS3 and 360".

A ridiculously high resolution is to be expected, but Rockstar also said the PC version has been buffed up with better textures, longer draw distances and an all-round touch up over the console versions.

But to be honest, try as we might, when the game was finally booted up we struggle to notice any obvious visuals differences. It looked near enough identical. Even down to the same stuttering frame rates outside when the view points down a road and a fair few cars are thrown on screen. This could be improved on for the final version, but we were hoping to see slick 60fps rates already.

A Rockstar man played through the mission - called Three Leaf Clover - in which Niko joins Packie and co on a bank heist. Epic mission. But again, no differences from the console version.

It was even being played with the Xbox 360 USB controller (although keyboard and mouse controls are also an option) so you're looking at the exact same experience, just from a bigger, more expensive box. But for one of the most successful videogames of all time, you can't really moan about that.