Game with Fame. With Soulwax

Play Rock Band with Soulwax, if you're lucky enough to be chosen

The latest Game with Fame event is based around the launch of a Soulwax movie, Part of The Weekend Never Dies, which is available now on Xbox Live.

XBL subscribers can download the film in HD today, ahead of its DVD release on September 8. Music videos from the band are also up for the taking, along with "Nite Versions;" a live version of their album filmed at Fabric in London.

Anyway, we're not MTV so let's get back to the games. The band will playing Rock Band over Live on Friday 22, August at 15.30 BST with a lucky few gamers from the UK.

To be in with a chance of gaming with fame you need to drop to your knees and beg the organisers to let you play. Or in their words, tell Soulwax exactly why you want to play with them.

If you've ever written a begging letter, or have a really sad story you can tell them (it would be even better if it brought a tear to the eye), then get emailing.

Saying you just like their music probably isn't enough so you'll need to use some creative freedom. We could almost call it Game With Shame then, but we won't.

How to take part

Email the following details to

  • Name
  • Age
  • Gamertag
  • Begging Letter*