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PC Gamer Showdown FAQ

Article: All about PCG's LAN spectacular

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Who looks after the tournaments?
Each tournament has its own set of admins who are experienced with that particular game. These are often long-standing members of our community who have run tournaments in the past or from our online public server admin team. Each tournament has a lead admin and one or more admin assistants. All tournaments at the event are under the responsibility of the tournament managers. The tournament managers ensure all rules are fair and that both the players and admins are happy.

Do I have to play in a tournament?
Not at all! The tournaments are there for those who want to play in them. If you wanted to turn up and just play with friends or on public servers all weekend then there is nothing stopping you!

I am on my own, can I still play in a tournament?
If you want to play in a tournament and don't have a team then you are able to sign up as "in need". We will then find teams who need additional players or create new teams of players who are all "in need". You should also try to find teams by looking on the forum as clans will often advertise any spaces on there.

Can I plug in my flux capacitor?
Believe it or not we don't have 1.21 GIGAWATTS of power available! Power is a finite resource for us at the event and has to be managed carefully. Therefore we have to say that any electrical items that are not on the below list cannot be plugged into the Gamers Paradise power infrastructure.
Things you may plug in:
- PC
- One Monitor
- Phone charger
- Joystick/games accessory requiring power
- External hard drives
- Camera charger
- Laptop
- Games console
- Small lamps. Emphasis is on small.

Anything not on the above list should NOT be plugged in without checking with a member of the Event team first. Below is a list of commonly requested items that are NOT allowed to be plugged in under any circumstances.
- Kettles
- Fans
- Fridges (mini or otherwise!)
- Plasma balls, lava lamps etc
- Tesla coils

Can I bring two monitors?
Dual monitors are not permitted at the event, space and power restrictions make it

Can I bring my BB gun?
No guns, knives, imitation weapons or BB/paint/air-soft guns are allowed anywhere on site.

Can I bring my own chair?
You may bring your own chair so long as it's reasonably sized and doesn't take up any more room than an average desk chair. There are chairs provided already however so if you do bring your own chair please remove the provided seat from the row and give it to a staff member.

Can I bring my own network hardware?
No network hardware of any kind is permitted. This includes cross-over cables, hubs,
switches and routers. Firewire, bluetooth and wireless networks are also not permitted. We provide all the hardware you need to access the network, aside from the network card in your PC.

Can I share files?
We have a strict "no file-sharing" policy in place. Our network is scanned constantly for sharing of any kind and automatically blocks any computers it finds sharing. We then have to unblock this manually which requires you to see our core network team who will want to know why you were sharing files. Often it's a simple mistake or forgetting to disable filesharing so to avoid any unnecessary trips to the server area you should ensure file and printer sharing is turned off before plugging in!

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