10 Reasons To Love PSN

Ten of the best downloads in PS3's online store

Sony made good on its promise to develop the PSN Store this month by assuring UK gamers that future PSN games will be released on the same day here as on the US Store.

There'll be more PSone games too, to bring us more in line with the Japanese Store. Here are 10 new PSN downloads you have to try:


1: Ratchet & Clank: Quest For Booty
Continuing the story of Tools Of Destruction in a download game, Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest For Booty is a brave step forward. The game uses all the tricks you'll have learned in the original PS3 release and adds light-based gameplay while an add-on to Ratchet's wrench enables you to interact remotely with the environment. Read the full review on page 98.


2: Flower
If you're a fan of trippy, atmospheric games like Rez, LocoRoco and Ico then Flower will blossom in your games collection. The aim is to guide a petal around a field using Sixaxis, every time you float over a blade of grass more petals are added to your trail and the level begins to erupt with colour.

There's a story of sorts about merging the urban and natural worlds, and each level begins with your petal floating off an apartment window ledge. But that's not the point, Flower, like the dev's other PSN game flOw is about relaxation and experimentation.


3: Siren: Blood Curse
You can buy each episode of Sony's horror romp seperately, or pick up the full game at a cheaper price. The concept is intriguing and should encourage other publishers to release games episodically over PSN at a cheaper cost. Luckily Siren is good too and will tide you over until Dead Space arrives. Reviewed page 94.


4: Fat Princess
A hack 'n' slash strategy game that could overtake PixelJunk Monsters on PSN as the cute game of choice, Fat Princess has more going for it than the zesty name. The aim of each level is to rescue the princess, each team (the game supports 32 players) heads to the opposing castle - but her majesty is a bit of a porker, so at least four players must carry her.

Add in upgrades, perks and character classes (Builders can create watchtowers and Archers can fire from them) that offer tactical ways to prevent your Princess from being snatched, and Fat Princess is one cute and cuddly royal we'd like to see much more of.


5: Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists Of Plastic
The team behind LittleBigPlanet are stretching their legs with Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists Of Plastic - a novelty beat-'em-up that manages to mix Nintendo's Smash Brothers with the classic IK+ and come out looking good.

The draw is an art style that makes its characters look like action figures and sets them against one another on a 2D platform plain. The LBP comparisons are evident, but Rag Doll Kung Fu's wealth of combo moves and four-player online mode has an appeal and originality all of its own.


6: PixelJunk Eden
The PixelJunk brand is fast becoming a badge of quality on PSN, and PixelJunk Eden is quickly shaping into the label's best game yet. This beautiful platform-puzzler is a unique blend of LocoRoco and Xbox 360's ninja puzzler - N+.

Eden is a game that challenges you to navigate levels collecting pollen and zapping enemies. The twist is that you can swing from tree to tree and also grow branches to latch onto, ensuring tactical planning is needed to scoop up all the pollen. Eden is an imaginative puzzler that could prove addictive. Read the review on page 100.

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