Rockstar brings Max Payne home?

Remedy too busy with Alan Wake to work on Max Payne 3 says rumour

The latest issue of EGM is rumouring that Rockstar's personally handling coding honours on what would eventually turn out to be Max Payne 3.

Apparently, original Max Payne dev, Remedy Entertainment, is up to its eyeballs with Alan Wake (and don't we know it). So much so that there's no time to work on another game named after another bloke.

EGM says the "noir shooter will be handled by the same internal Rockstar team that created The Warriors".

Above that though the mag also drops word that Rockstar is still hard at work on its unannounced PlayStation 3 exclusive. You'd hope so, wouldn't you?

Remember that quote from Sony that said "Rockstar really wanted to make a game that you can truly only do on PS3, harnessing the power of CELL and Blu-ray disc and this deal lets them do just that"? Well the publication goes as far as to say that the GTA IV team is handling this one.

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