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New PS2 spied in shops

Ultra-slim SKU sneaks into retail

Without any form of official hoo-ha made, it seems the new super-slim PS2 (that went on sale in Japan last November) has snuck its way into shops in the US.

The new SKU, known amongst techy crowds as the PS2 90000, is a slither thinner than the current PStwo, weighs just 720 grams and does away with the bulky power cable by packing an internal power supply. Breathe on it and it'd probably float away...

A Kotaku reader apparently spotted the new machine in a Fry's Electronics store this week, with a $129 price tag. This converts to about £70, but we wouldn't expect it to cost any less than £90 when it gets here.

When that will be though is yet to be confirmed, although its generally expected later this year.