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Warhammer: Battle March

Article: It's good to be bad

Warhammer: Battle March is coming to Xbox 360. It'll feature all the content from Warhammer: Mark of Chaos as well as new features, new control schemes and support for online play via Xbox Live. But are you going to play as the evil Empire or the whiter-than-white Heroes and Champions? We're all about the Empire so you'll only read dark thoughts here...

Your units can be customised in great detail, allowing you to put your own mark on your armies. Here what you need to know about the bad guys.

In the Northern Wastes lies the Realm of Chaos, home to the four Chaos gods: Tzeentch, Khorne, Nurgle and Slaanesh. Each of these gods epitomise hope, rage, despair, and pleasure. The inhabitants of Chaos worship the chaos gods, and warriors that arise here are known as the hordes of chaos.


You can play as one of the following Chaos factions: Undivided, Khorne and Nurgle. Chaos armies are renowned for their champions that aspire to become immortal daemon princes.

The Skaven are described as the evil rat-men of the underworld. They live and travel underground in a vast network of tunnels that stretches across much of the Warhammer world.

You might laugh at a rat being a worthy adversary, but don't. They're six feet tall, clad in armour, wielding diseased weapons and attacking by the hundreds.

You can control 3 Clans in the game:

Clan Eshin has found a clear role in Skaven Society - its assassins have become the force which the Council of Thirteen uses to uphold its decisions and maintain its reign of terror among the clans. Of course, the services of Clan Eshin are often hired by many other influential Skaven to spy on their rivals or to 'remove' political opponents who are too successful.

Clan Skryre specialises in the blending of evil magic and arcane Skaven technology. Its members, better known as Warlock Engineers, constantly experiment to create newer and more powerful weapons of mass destruction. They often steal war machines from other races and then strive to 'improve' them in their own unique way.

This almost invariably involves the inclusion of warpstone-based mechanisms that increase the weapons' potential for destruction, but also then to make them much more unstable.

By selling the services of their specialised weapon teams to the constantly warring clans, the Masters of Clan Skryre have achieved an unparalleled level of influence and are at the moment the most important of the four greater clans.


The Warlord Clan contains a variety of Skaven, often hiring to best suit the clan's needs. These clans are usually led by a powerful leader, who has managed to stay alive either by sheer strength or cunningness.

Ideally, it would be the Warlord's goal to secure a seat on the Council of Thirteen and secure even more power, but only the foolish would think that would be the endgame. The strength in this clan is in the versatility of its fighting units, but in the end every rat is expendable.

Long ago the Dark Elves were one and the same as the High Elves of Ulthuan, noble warriors who fought steadfastly in the war against the Daemons. However a great and terrible civil war erupted between the two factions.

The Dark Elves were defeated and banished to the land of Naggaroth. They take what they need from the soft, fat kingdoms across the seas. They hold all races in equal contempt and care nothing for the suffering and carnage they cause. Fear them.

Orcs & Goblins are the scourge of the Warhammer world. They live to fight and they'll fight each other if there's no one else to fight.

Undisciplined but extremely tough and powerful the average Orc is BIGGER THAN YOU. The Orcs and Goblins are known for the following units: Boar Boyz, Squigs + Herders, Night Goblin Fanatics, Rock Lobbers and their Crew. Orc and Goblin armies are also able to lure Trolls and Giants in to helping them often by using food and alcohol as a form of payment.

That's the bad boys out of the way. Have you made your mind up yet? You could always wear a skirt and play as Heroes and Champions.

Bah, to that. If you get up off your seat for old ladies on the Tube or open the door for pregnant ladies, hit this link and read about the Heroes and Champions over on GirlsRadar. Sorry, GamesRadar.

See you in Hell.