Spore up for download

Pre-load Will Wright's genetic masterpiece ready for next week's launch

EA has flicked the green light on the Spore downloads and is allowing gamers who pre-order the PC version the chance to play it while others are sitting on a bus going to pick up theirs.

Official blurb reads: "Once pre-ordered, you will see Spore in your EA Download Manager. You will then be able to download 99 percent of the game to your computer with the remaining part of the game to be downloaded upon the date of the game's release.

"It will only take 30-60 minutes for the install to complete before you can begin conquering galaxies in Spore before anyone else! Please note that you will be charged for the game on the 28th of August and your statements will reflect this."

30-60 minutes for the install? Anyway, Spore ships on September 5 in Europe and Asia and on September 7 in North America.