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Burnout Paradise bike pack detailed

Night races, new modes and two-wheelers add over ten hours of play

Criterion has unleashed a load of info on the upcoming Bike Pack for Burnout Paradise, due out in September. It's looking good.

Of course the addition of bikes are at the top of the menu, but the huge update also adds night time to Paradise City, which Criterion says introduces "unique gameplay".

As it explains: "Selecting one of the bikes triggers a whole load of new gameplay," even if takes three years to finish what's already there.

The new stuff in question includes: "70 new challenges, 38 new against-the-clock races (Burning Rides) and new 'Road Rules' record times for 64 streets." And if that's not enough to keep you playing into your retirement, the night time mechanic activates even more stuff.


"The lights on the bike switch on, the traffic thins out creating an all new environment for high speed racing and we trigger some night-specific gameplay - half of the new Burning Rides take place at night and are called Midnight Rides," details Criterion.

Check out these new screens below, and you can find more where they came from on the official blog.