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Shout at Will Wright tomorrow

Spore creator plans open floor Q&A session in central London

Legendary game designer, Will Wright, will be in HMV on Oxford Street tomorrow for a Q&A session on Spore.

From 12pm, you'll be able to stroll in and pit your questions to Wright, creator of the monster-making PC game and record-breaking Sims franchise.

A total of 200 people will get to have a natter with Wright, with wristbands that qualify you for entry being given out for free at the store - HMV, 150 Oxford Street - from 9am tomorrow morning.

It says in the press release that you'll be able to get a free Spore T-Shirt by "bringing back" your signed Spore sleeve to the store on September 5. So, although it oddly doesn't say, we presume he'll be signing pre-release Spore DVD sleeves as well. Unless you sign it yourself...