GTA saves family from crashed car

Yes, you read that right...

We're still looking for the hidden, anti-Rockstar message in this piece of news: A teenager pulled her siblings to safety from their crashed family car after learning of the dangers from playing Grand Theft Auto.

The family of five was en route to visit relatives in Diamond, US when their Jeep Grand Cherokee drifted off the road, struck a guardrail and flipped four times before coming to rest upside-down in a ditch.

"She just knew, from playing 'Grand Theft Auto.' She saw on there that when a car rolls over, it can blow up. She knew that could happen to us," the child's mother Karen Norris told My Web Times.

Realising the back window had broken, 11-year-old daughter Audrey Plique climbed over the spare tyre to get out and then proceeded to pull her mother, father, two brothers and sister our of the battered vehicle.

"She showed the kind of bravery and courage you don't expect from an 11-year-old," Norris said. "She stayed composed. She sounded upset, but she knew the things she had to get done to help her parents and her siblings."

There you are then. The Daily Mail can use GTA as a scapegoat for crime, and we can use it for the opposite. Everyone buy GTA: it teaches you about car safety.

Spotted by Kotaku.