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Warhammer 40k action game leaked

Space Marine appears in online video - and looks like Gears

Someone at THQ is getting bollocked this morning: a full, developer-commentated video of a new Gears-like Warhammer 40k action game, called Space Marine, has leaked all over the internet.

As you can probably guess Space Marine is a third-person action affair (where you play as a Space Marine!) and according to the THQ narrator it's all about an "up-close personal, visceral, melee experience."

"It's the first time that the Warhammer license has been done in such an up-close and personal manner," says the anonymous narrator, "where as the MMO and RTS are more of a god-like experience, we want to get up close and personal."

It looks a bit like Gears-meets-Devil May Cry, with ranged combat taking a backseat for edgy, shaky-cam sword combat with multiple enemies. It's also as violent as buggery and looks lovely.

Apparently the game's being developed by THQ Australia and not Relic, which is responsible for the excellent Warhammer 40k RTS series.

The video's being swatted off of websites at the moment, but you can still catch it on Tescali Games. Quick!