EA gives away £20k FREE petrol

North London petrol station flogs fuel in celebration of Mercenaries 2 release

In one of the most brilliantly bizarre game promotions we've ever heard of (Acclaim not included), EA has taken over a petrol station in north London and is giving away 20 grand's worth of free petrol. That's one way of dealing with the credit crunch...

Why are they doing it? Because Mercenaries 2's out today, and in that you take over oil-rich territories. See the link?

Anyway, according to the release: "The entire forecourt of Last Stop Ltd near Finsbury Park, North London will be completely transformed into that of a military style bunker, with jeeps, oil barrels, sandbag walls, and fully costumed actors on hand to pump the petrol for the customers."

We've never heard of Last Stop Ltd, but as long as whatever comes out the pumps makes your car go, you can't complain. It's free.

We can't see £20k lasting long though, so fire up your SUVs and get a move on to this address:

Last Stop Ltd, 73, Stapleton Hall Rd, London, N4 3QF