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"Irresponsible" EA petrol giveaway causes chaos

Police move in to stop EA's £20,000 Mercenaries 2 fuel flog in London

EA's bizarre £20k fuel giveaway publicity stunt for Mercenaries 2 has been branded "irresponsible" by MPs, and caused traffic chaos in the area surrounding the petrol station in North London.

Police have since moved in on the EA event and shut it down due to congestion, with half of the £20,000 petrol still in the pumps.

£20,000 worth of petrol was up for free pumping at the station, limited to £40 for each motorist (that's almost a full tank unless you're in a monster truck). Over 500 cars got free fuel this morning, said an EA spokesperson.


The idea came from Mercenaries 2's Venezuelan oil war plot - thus the fuel link.

By midday over 40 cars we queued along the residential street alongside the London petrol station, and one local resident had to be calmed down by EA security because he couldn't get his car out from his drive.
MP for Hornsey Lynne Featherstone called the event "irresponsible and downright dangerous".

Featherstone said: "Whilst a lucky few might have got some free petrol, hundreds of local residents have faced misery on their daily journeys this morning. They deserve an apology for being the victims of such an ill-thought out media stunt," said the MP. We don't know what they're complaining about - they live next to a petrol station giving away free unleaded.

We put our hands up to EA's PR team; they've done a fantastic job at getting the Mercs 2 word out there. Shame we can't drive home now.