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New Castle Crashers content coming

Playable King and Necromancer line up for patch

Castle Crashers dev The Behemoth has updated its website with a lengthy explanation about why its comedy Castle Crashers game is a bit broken. Unfortunately there's no word on when this fix might be released, which kind of defeats the object of an update, but what are you going to do?

Hre's the full 'update' from the dev's site.

Prior to releasing any XBLA game to the public, the game must be tested on Microsoft's internal network (yes we know the game has some online issues but that's not what we're talking about tonight). During this time anyone who has a development kit, and test kits can download a game that is still in development.

In the case of Castle Crashers the game was "propped" to this internal network for two hours and not announced to any media outlet, test house, my mother. (sorry mom) We just needed it up there to run some tests.

Other developers can see and download the game, test houses can run their tests, and media outlets who have these test kits can also view these unreleased games if they happen to come across them while they are propped. This also includes any form of DLC (Downloadable Content) which is the stuff that comes out after the release of a game.

During the time that our full game and DLC was on this internal network it was picked up by several people who were lucky to have seen it in this short amount of time.

Unfortunately there was a specific case where someone had downloaded the game and made a video showing off some of the content not knowing that they were also showing some DLC which was being tested and scheduled for release at a later time.

So here we are about a week after launch and there you have it. So why didn't we just come out of the gate saying all of this?

  1. The game launched and we were on a plane to Seattle the same day for PAX
  2. Our servers went down the same day the game launched, and we were on a plane to Seattle for PAX
  3. We had no idea this video was actually online since we were at PAX setting up our booth, without a server, not knowing about the video.
  4. Castle Crashers has some online issues as well as other technical difficulties that we are focusing on before anything else. That is our top priority.

Moving forward we can tell you that yes there will be a playable King and Necromancer. Yes, there is a chainsaw weapon, and no, they are not currently in the game.

As soon as we get more information from our friends over at Microsoft we'll share that with you.

All clear?