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Nintendo reveals Wii... wireless router?!

Wii Network adaptor out in Japan this month, "no plans" for Europe

Taking another notch off the sanity of Wii storage protesters, Nintendo has revealed the Nintendo WiFi Network Adapter, a wireless router for Wii and DS out in Japan this month. Where's the hard drive?!

The adapter, which is supposed to streamline the process of getting your console online, is released in Japan on September 18 for 5,800 yen (about 25 quid).

As a bog-standard wireless router it naturally works with PCs as well as Nintendo's consoles (cough, and probably Xbox 360 and PS3) and it looks surprisingly small as well.

As you can see from the pics (ta, Famitsu) the adapter has three switch options on the back for "Router", "Bridge" and "Auto". Exciting stuff.

We contacted Nintendo UK which told us there are "currently no plans to launch in Europe," so there you are.