Spore is an "attack on Christian values"

Anti-Spore site "can not allow the gaming industry to poison the minds of our children"

A religious nutter has launched an anti-Spore website to let Electronic Arts know that its "biggest attack on Christian values to date will not be tolerated." condemns Spore's teaching of the very un-Christian theory of evolution, which it says is an attempt on the games industry's part to "invade our homes and poison the minds of our children."

It says: "Yesterday I found out about a new game called Spore when my son asked me to buy it for him. It looked innocent enough at first and has E for Everyone ESRB rating. But don't be mislead, apparently 'everyone' means everyone they want to teach evolution to.

"This entire game is propaganda aimed directly at our children to teach them evolution instead of creationism, or 'intelligent design' if you go for stupid PC terms.

"The object of the game is to evolve from a 'spore' into demon-like intelligent space creatures that violently take over the galaxy," continues the site.

The site goes on to attack EA and it's 8,500 employees, "not a single one with enough Jesus to stand up and say what they are doing is wrong," it says.

"I used to like Will Wright," continues "He created Sim City, a fantastic game that celebrated the earth that God created for us and allowed you to use all your God given abilities to make an ideal society. But if you ever felt like you had too much power, God would come in with a tornado or an earthquake and put you back in place.

"You would think that as a member of the Episcopal Church, a smart man like Will Wright would not be capable of creating Spore. However, we must be reminded that the Episcopal Church is the only church in america that ordains homosexuals on a regular basis.

"It makes sense that a perverted church would cause a man to make the creations he has in this game. It just may be that evolution is not the only thing to fear this game teaching your children.

"[EA's] billions in revenue and all the advertising in the world are no match for the power of God."

Read the Spore review here, by the way. It's well good.