Fight Night 4 shown

Improved AI and physics showcased in boxing sequel...

Long awaited sports sequel, Fight Night Round 4, has been shown behind closed doors at the GameStop Expo in Las Vegas, a media spy has claimed.

According to Newsweek's N'Gai Croal, who we've no reason to believe is actually a GameStop manager, the demo shown to retail bigwigs by EA revealed visuals not far improved over the last game - though to be fair Round 3 did (and still does) look fantastic.


Super-spy N'Gai (pictured here making Reggie angry) goes on to claim that the fourth boxer will have big physics and AI improvements over the last, though we already knew that.

EA has promised a new physics-based animation system that "allows for missed punches, glancing punches, knockout blows and for the first time ever, rough and tumble inside fighting".

Fight Night Round 4 will also be the first time game front man Mike Tyson has appeared in a game since 2002's abysmally-reviewed Mike Tyson Heavyweight Boxing for PS2.

Have a look at this behind the scenes video at EA - it's all we've got on the game at the moment.