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Destroy All Humans! joins Xbox Originals

And erm, Intellivision Lives!

Just before you think Microsoft's forgotten about the Xbox Originals section of Xbox Live and packed off for greener hills, it drops a release on there and proves us wrong. That's how the boys at MS roll.

Two games with annoying exclamation marks in their titles, Pandemic's Destroy All Humans (that's the first one, before the series went down the toilet) and ahem, retro compilation Itellivision Lives! will be available to download from September 15 (that's Monday).

The exclamation mark twosome joins other Xbox big hitters such as Psychonauts, Fable and Fahrenheit on the Xbox Live download service.

Both are priced at 1200 Microsoft points (£10.20). Read all about 'em on here and here.