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Japan: Hardware sales down across the board

Sales of all systems fall...

Sales of all systems fell in Japan during the week ended September 7.

The DS retained the top spot in the hardware chart for the fifth week running with over 50,000 unit sales, while Sony's PSP narrowly outpaced Nintendo's Wii to hold second place.

Sales of Sony's home consoles remained below the 10,000 unit mark, the PS3 once again edging the PS2 by less than 1,000 sales, while Microsoft's Xbox 360 managed to shift just 1,044 units, presumably due to ongoing stock shortages.

DS - 51,412
PSP - 34,462
Wii - 33,128
PS3 - 8,317
PS2 - 7,948
Xbox 360 - 1,044

Sales data compiled by Media Create.

Article supplied by Edge-Online