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EA responds to Spore DRM uproar

Firm explains it reasoning while Spore looks to break all piracy records

EA has responded to the furore surrounding the DRM (digital rights management) measures placed in Spore, rationalising the decision to restrict users to three installations.

The internet launched into a fit of rage then the restrictions emerged, giving the game over 2000 one-Star reviews on Amazon, and flaming it in forums across the web. But EA insists that the three-install restriction only affects one percent of gamers.

According to Mariam Sughayer, a representative from EA's corporate communications, only one percent of gamers tried to install the game on more than three PCs. Just 23 percent of buyers even tried more than one install, while 77 percent only ever installing the game once.

Sughayer said: "EA has not changed our basic DRM copy protection system.

"We simply changed the copy protection method from using the physical media, which requires authentication every time you play the game by requiring a disc in the drive, to one which uses a one-time online authentication," she told Gamasutra, comparing the DRM system to iTunes, which only allows you to play your purchases tracks on a limited number of PCs.

"You can install the game on three computers - at your office, at home or for your family. What you can't do is make and distribute a thousand copies online," added Sughayer.

Meanwhile internet reports suggest that Spore is headed for becoming the most downloaded game of all time on Torrent sites, having apparently already soared past 500,000 downloads. Ouch.