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Wishing this was Shenmue 3...

Pretty Japanese urban setting in Sega's Shenmu... erm, Yakuza 3

We can't help it. Yakuza screens always get our Shenmue senses tingling, and we find ourselves just hoping it'll be more like Sega's other Japan-based masterpiece with every sequel.

These latest shots, courtesy of Famitsu, with impressively detailed city streets, nice character models and distinct Japanese-style interiors, just make us wonder if this is what Shenmue 3 might have look like if Yu Suzuki was to stop wasting his life not making it.

Anyway, this is Yakuza 3 exclusively on PS3. Expect Japanese people fighting in an urban setting. There are playable demos on the Japanese PS Store (videos and impressions here, if you're interested), and the game's expected out in spring '09.