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UK retailers caught selling violent games to minors

Plymouth's number is up

A number of Plymouth, UK-based retailers have come under fire for selling violent videogames and knives to youths.

According to The Herald, retailers were caught out after Plymouth Trading Standards officers launched an exercise which saw two 16-year-old consumers test out 34 retailers.

Five out of nine stores sold the teens 18-rated games including Grand Theft Auto IV, Saints Row (pictured) and Hitman, while two out of 25 shops sold them knives.

"... We're disappointed that the games sellers concerned don't seem to have taken their training on board or recognized the fact that these games are given a high age rating for a reason," said Trading Standards officer Lynda Braddock, who led the operation.

"Games are becoming more and more violent and more and more interactive. Youngsters are using them for four or more hours a day, living the life of a gangster. You must lose your shock factor if you're continuously killing people - and then get rewarded for being violent."

Braddock said that each of the stores that fell foul of regulations would face sanctions that are yet to be determined, ranging from a warning letter to the maximum penalty of a six-month prison sentence and/or a £5,000 fine.

Following an investigation earlier this year, the UK's Trading Standards Institute said that children were easily able to obtain violent, adult-rated videogames through online auction websites.

Article supplied by GamesRadar