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Dead Space writer: You'd be a fool to skip the dialogue

You won't be able to complete the game otherwise...

Antony Johnston is a man that wrote EA's promising Dead Space horror game. He also penned the comic. But as we all know, it can be all too easy to skip a game's cut scenes, especially when the action waiting for you at the end makes you want to get there faster.

But don't you dare go skipping any cut scenes in Dead Space.

"You'd be a fool to do that," Johnston told PSW magazine. "If you want to find out the mysteries of the game, you need to listen to the dialogue. But more than that, you actually need to listen to it so you can complete the game."


You need to listen to it so you can complete the game? All of it? Or just bits towards the end?

We hope to god that the finale doesn't involve some kind of monster, mind-bending mega quiz that wrapped things up in the original Banjo Kazooie. That bitch still haunts us to this day.

Are you a cut scene skipper or do you relish every last word? Sound off below.