Valve: Google buyout is a "rumour"

Steam studio gives official comment

"Well placed sources" have indicated that mega corporation Google is about to acquire Valve, according to a report on The Inquirer.

According to the report the deal is going down "any second now" and will put Steam, by far the best digital distribution service in gaming, into the search engine company's hands.

We haven't done any research, but tech manager John Houlihan reliably tells us Google is "f***ing massive", which would no doubt help even further in strengthening the download service's number one position.


Valve's already gone on the record and welcomed acquisition, stating in an interview that it's "happy to have that conversation."

We've left a message with Valve who usually gets back to us pretty sharpish. So if it's not given us a statement by 4pm, it's true.

UPDATE: The company has indeed got back to us and the official word is "rumour". No, really; "'Rumour' is the word", is the company statement we recieved via e-mail. And it missed the 4pm deadline as well...