Rare: No plans to revive more old franchises

"We've always got to have a reason to revive a franchise," says Rare

Banjo is making his long-awaited come back in November, not just in a new game but in a revamped version of the N64 original, too. So does Rare have any more retrotastic treats on the way?

No, basically. That's according Rare senior animator, Elissa Miller, who brushed off the hopes that Rare could have more old flames in the pipeline.

When asked about any possible revivals, she said: "At the moment, probably not. We've always got to have a reason to revive a franchise, we don't do games just for the sake of them," she told 360 Gamer magazine.

Considering Rare has had Viva Piņata, Banjo N&B and 360 Avatars on its 2008 work list, as well as teams rumoured to be working on a Perfect Dark sequel and another new IP, we're not surprised it isn't thinking of more revivals right now.

We demand to see an XBLA remake of Banjo-Tooie though.