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Free guitars for Guitar Hero pre-orders

Pre-order £150 World Tour "super bundle" for a free bass

Activision has revealed "the biggest pre-order incentive the industry has ever seen" for Guitar Hero World Tour, which sees free guitar controllers dished out for pre-orders.

Everyone who pre-orders the £150 "super bundle", which includes the game, guitar controller, drums and microphone, will receive a bass guitar pad worth £50 for free.

The deal is the latest move in the music franchises' war against MTV rival Rock Band, which Activision claims its outselling six to one.

"This programme signals our enormous commitment to Guitar Hero World Tour," Activision's UK marketing director David Tyler told MCV. "Consumers who pre-order the Guitar Hero World Tour 'super bundle' from any retailer - either online, or in-store - will bag a bonus bass guitar.

"This is a significant investment to reward our loyal fans, ensuring the full band experience is available from the off. With demand likely to far outstrip supply, pre-ordering is the only way to assure a copy at launch."

GameStation is one retailer said to be signed up for the deal, though unconfirmed reports are suggesting that the free guitar is in fact a Guitar Hero II wired X-plorer guitar, without the new touch-sensitive buttons.

Either way we won't look a gift horse in the mouth...