Far Cry 2 scores well

First verdict arrives from the pages of PC Gamer

The first verdict on Ubisoft's ambitious shooter sequel Far Cry 2 is in, with our country cousins at PC Gamer UK awarding it 94 percent. They liked it then...

The boys at PCG call Far Cry a "beautiful" and "utterly absorbing" FPS, particularly praising the combat (it "just works") and consistently surprising narrative.

"Make now mistake, this is an absolutely superb game," reads PCG's review. "It's a game you'll find very, very hard to stop playing, Once you're in, you'll not leave until forced for a number of reasons," it continues, bullet-pointing the "extraordinary" visuals, "absorbing" first-person lock and standout weather effects.

"Games have simulated weather in the past, but none better than this," PCG continues. "Dawn is astonishing. Sunset adds drama to an already dramatic landscape. Storms send chills. The moon fills the sky."

But it's definitely not all perfect, says the mag, sticking the "under-used" buddy system ("you can't, for instance, invite them to help you on tough tasks") on its negatives list, as well as AI baddies that respawn after you've taken them down ("I stopped caring after this first couple of hours")

Nothing too major then by the sounds of it, and PCG certainly seems to agree: "After playing Far Cry 2, I'm simply unable to go back to straight and simple first-person shooters," it says.

"This game has executed my expectations. Would you, could you, go back to games with similar gunfights to this, but along a more rigid axis? I think your own expectations are going to rise dramatically."

PC Game number 193 is out this Thursday, September 25 (and in subscriber's hands now). Read our own hands-on with Far Cry 2 on 360 here.