Lexicon in fake DS screenshot scam

Wii screens clipped to top screen HUD to create DS dupes?

We were about to get all excited about a new 2D side-scrolling shooter coming to Wii and DS this morning (as we do), when we noticed that the DS screenshots were totally fake.

Lexicon Entertainment has just released screenshots of its new game, Ocean Commander; six for Wii and, supposedly, four for DS.

Of those four, two are in-game. But they're not of the DS version. Have a good look and you'll see that they're both actually identical in every way to two of the Wii screenshots, even down to bullet placement, ship position and score.

Why would there be a HUB in the lower screen of the DS, if the top screen clearly takes HUB duties. Someone will have had to make the effort of shrinking and attaching the Wii screens to a top screen shot to create the intentional DS deception.

Wii Screenshot

Anyway, it's set in the year 3011, you shoot stuff with the Remote pointer on Wii or stylus on DS, and it'll be out in early 2009. Looks good, no need to release fake shots though...