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Street Fighter IV is in the building

Capcom delivers two Street Fighter IV arcade machines to the CVG office

Wednesdays are boring usually. It's that middle part of the week that we wish didn't exist. But today's not going to be boring AT ALL, Capcom's just turned up at the door with TWO Street Fighter IV arcade machines. Don't expect much work from us today - apart from an update on who's the daddy!

If we had a webcam set-up you'd see grown men (and Mike) acting like children bouncing up and down on each other like it's Christmas morning.

We watched Capcom's funny PR man take AGES to unwrap the bed quilt protection around the two machines, and hook up those bad boys in our canteen, or 'The Hub' as it's known on the street.

Street Fighter IV AND a Big Daddy in our tuck shop!

The two demo units contain the full arcade game that's already hitting arcades in Japan. But of course we won't be needing to insert any coins to batter each other in the face all day long. Good job as it's not payday until Friday and we're a bit skint.

That's all for today then. Apart from more pics, maybe. See you after lunch. Pictures of the set-up are below. Don't hate us.