Original Resi remake heads for Wii

Stunning-looking GameCube remake gets a second revival

The Resident Evil series must be heading for a record for the number of remakes. Add another to the list as Capcom reveals plans to bring the GameCube remake of the original Resident Evil to Wii.


Obviously support for the Wii Remote and it's wavy, pointy malarkey will be added, but no other enhancements were revealed in the Famitsu report, according to translations around the web.

It will also feature support for a GameCube pad, but you're going to play it like that you might as well get a used copy of the GC version for 20p and play that on your Wii instead.

The re-re-release (it's getting silly now) is currently only due for Japan, apparently set for a Christmas day release - nothing like some festive zombie shooting.