Disgaea DS coming to Europe

Square Enix RPG out next spring

Handheld RPG update Disgaea DS is officially headed to Europe, on a planned collision course for spring 2009.

The DS version is a portable remix of PS2 instalment Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, updated with duel system multiplayer, customisable rules and game options and the ability to swap items with other players.

There's also a new story mode, "dedicated to Etna and her quest to become Beauty Queen Ultimate Overlord." Right.

Square Enix says Disgaea is "perfectly suited to portable play". Have a look at the first shots down the bottom and for your pleasure, here's SE's official info-blurb:



The Netherworld - a place darker than a pitch-black cave, located deeper than the depths of the seas. It is a cursed land where evil reigns and foul beings dwell. Nobody knows its whereabouts, but everybody fears its existence...

The story takes place two years after the death of King Krichevskoy, the ruler of the Netherworld. His son Laharl slept for two full years, unaware of his father's death, while demons fought for supremacy over the Netherworld. With the help of his vassal Etna and her underlings, the egocentric, megalomaniac Prince Laharl fights his way to become the next king.


  • Discover who is the best strategist with the all-new duel system for multiplayer battles
  • Multi Customisation lets you customise the multiplayer mode, with changes to game rules, field and win/loss conditions and much more
  • Geo Cubes. These cubes have very special effects and are dealt equally to each player, use them carefully as they can both delight and infuriate
  • Shop and Share with Wireless Communication Mode, trade with friends and share your item data
  • Exclusive New Story. A dedicated story for Etna and an all-new ending if you defeat this mode
  • Guest Appearances - you never know who you'll run into next with hidden characters waiting to be unlocked