PES 2009: First Wii impressions

Classic Controller supported, new screens

Konami has been showing off the brand new version of Pro Evolution Soccer Wii 2009 at its European Championship event in Rome and we've got new screens and impressions from the first hands-on with the latest code.

The second version of the classic footy title to make it onto Wii, PES 2009 is set to launch in spring next year and like its PS3 and 360 counterparts will feature the newly acquired Champions League license, featuring all the teams and stars from the world's biggest club tournament.

However it's in the area of game control that some intriguing new options are most readily apparent. The Wii controller proved to be an excellent new way of playing football on a console earlier this year, but Konami has added support for the Classic Controller across the board as well as allowing you to tilt the Wii mote sideways to play in this new version.


It works extremely well on initial plays, allowing long-standing PES stalwarts to play alongside Wii players for the very first time and results in some really good quality co-operative gameplay.

Elsewhere there's new defence options controlled via the Nunchuck, improved player AI and an enhanced shooting system which seems more intuitive and a lot of fun, allowing you to bag a whole hat-full of goals.

Our initial impressions of the Wii version are very promising indeed: combining a big name license with a raft of inclusive new control options seems a very smart move indeed and PES 2009 looks like its set to hit the back of the net, when it straps on its boots and makes it debut early next year.