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Xbox Live has failed (updated)

XBL maintenance taking "longer than expected" - UPDATE: Back up!

UPDATE: Xbox Live is now up and running as usual. Without Avatars, as we said.

Original story: Microsoft's scheduled '24 hours' downtime for Xbox Live maintenance has erm, exceed 24 hours, meaning that Xbox Live and certain sections of are still inaccessible this morning. Who didn't see this coming?

"This just in: the LIVE maintenance is taking longer than expected," posted Microsoft's exceedingly efficient blogger Major Nelson on his Twitter. "I'll have an update at 0200 PT. The post has been updated." That's 10:00am BST, by the way. Around now!


In case you're wondering the update seems to be a standard spring clean, and will not add the New Xbox Experience, says Major Nelson.

The importance of these maintenance sessions was proven last Christmas, when a flux of new users on Xbox Live made online play impossible for certain users for as much as a week.

We got Undertow for free, but we doubt that's an incident Microsoft wants to repeat. We'll let you know when it's back up.