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Lead 4 Dead demo details

Two maps, out "shortly before release"

Details have emerged on Valve's pre-release demo for Left 4 Dead, which goes on full release on Steam on November 18.

According to Valve's Chet Faliszek (in a chat with De-Frag) the zombie shooter demo will "most likely be the first two maps of the hospital campaign", which start off on a series of streets and later leads into a subway station (where there's probably zombies).


According to Valve, the demo will be available "shortly before release", so everyone will have a chance to discover how frickin' awesome the zombie co-op shooter really is.

Left 4 Dead is heading to both Xbox 360 and PC, though Valve still denies plans for a PS3 release.

You can look for our interview with Valve man Doug Lombardi on the site shortly.