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EA cans C&C FPS Tiberium

For "not meeting standards"

Electronic Arts has canned its Command & Conquer squad shooter Tiberium for apparently not meeting standards.

An internal memo obtained by elite spy blog Kotaku says that EA LA - which also makes the C&C RTS games - has suspended work on the FPS "effective immediately."


"I've consulted with Nick Earl and Frank Gibeau at the EA Games Label and together we have reached the conclusion that given the time and resources remaining, we will not be able to deliver this product to an appropriate level of quality," C&C boss Mike Verdu says in the memo.

"The game had fundamental design challenges from the start. We fought to correct the issues, but we were not successful; the game just isn't coming together well enough to meet our own quality expectations as well as those of our consumers.

"Unfortunately, this action will result in several individuals on the team being released. We will make every effort to place affected individuals on projects within the studio - and where that isn't possible, to connect them with opportunities in other teams at EA."

The game was unveiled on the cover of a US magazine late last year, and after various screenshot and footage releases it disappeared entirely in April, with speculation growing that it had been pushed back to 2010.

We were quite looking forward to it - and it looked fantastic visually - but if EA says it wasn't reaching the bar then frankly, we believe it.

"Moving forward, we need to make sure this doesn't happen again. I believe we are already doing a better job of engineering success in from the start," added Verdu. "The quality bar has been raised. Now we need to step up our focus on great design and execution, catching any problems early and correcting them quickly."

Wow, this really is the new EA. Read the full memo over on Kotaku.