Galactic Civilizations Diary: Final Entry

These are the end times.

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Then, finally, on the seventh turn, at long, long last, Starfucker Prime MKII was poised above Sol. Look outside, chaps, even if it's night, because you're all going to see this one.

The Death Beam connected, our sun erupted, and in the split second it took the eight billion people of Earth to die screaming as the expanding halo of radiation and superheated debris boiled their world to vapour beneath their incinerating feet, I had time to wonder if I was really doing the right thing.

Oh well. Too late now.

It turned out the Terrans actually had another world tucked away in the last few centimetres of space I'd left unexplored, but they surrendered immediately.

"We curse you." Oh stop, Earthling Jenna Casey, you'll make me blush. "While we know we cannot defeat you, we shall have the last laugh. We have surrendered to the Dominion of Korx!"

That is pretty funny. They're my ally.


GalCiv gives you one turn after you've won to... well, I'm not sure what you're supposed to do, but I always give everything away. I chose the Snathi - that tiny race of penniless space-rabbits the Drath loathed so much - as my beneficiary. I gave them everything I had except the planet Ecstasy - that seemed like it would make a good retirement home. The only thing I required of them in return was that they use my vast empire to wage a thousand-year war on the Korx, for no reason.

Peace is great and all, but after a whole turn of it I was getting bored.

Post-Game Report:

Galaxy size: Immense
Races: 12 major, 8 minor
AI difficulty: Random
Game time elapsed: 16 years
Playing time elapsed: 35 hours (approx.)
Spacecraft destroyed: 1,300 (approx.)
People killed: 650,000,000,000 (approx.)
Suns destroyed: 21 (exact)
Peace Achieved: 1 week

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