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Japan: 360 does PS3 AGAIN!

Price cut and Tales of Vesperia doing their jobs

There's a really old, dusty bottle of champers being cracked open at Xbox Japan's offices, as Microsoft's consoles celebrates its first month not in last place in Japan. In Xbox history.

According to data from Enterbrain, Microsoft sold 53,547 Xbox 360s in September, compared to 33,071 units of the PS3 (and erm, 109,548 Wiis).

The month covers both a price cut of 8,000 yen (about 35 quid) and the release of Square Enix's 360 RPG Infinite Undiscovery, which saw the 360 outsell Sony's console for the week ending September 21. This is almost too much to bare.


The console saw a similar, PS3-topping sales boost the month earlier, when Namco Bandai released Tales of Vesperia - another RPG - in Japan.

Expectedly, Microsoft Japan's decided that it might be a good idea to get more role-playing games on its console... quick.

"In order to bring more gamers from a broader segment of consumers to the Xbox 360, we need to make the strengthening of our RPG line-up a priority," Xbox Japan boss Takashi Sensui said.

"We have similar high hopes for the upcoming launch of other RPGs such as The Last Remnant, Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope and Fable II. However, we have no plans to launch Final Fantasy XIII in Japan," he added.

Still no Final Fantasy XIII for Japan, though...